Residential Electrical in Redding and Weaverville

Residential Electrical Services

Local Residential ElectriciansFaulty electrical wiring in your home can cause hazards. Don’t let the wrong electrical team handle your project. Sharp Electric is the kind of team that can get it right. We provide a broad spectrum of residential electrical services for both new construction and home improvement projects in Redding, Weaverville, and surrounding areas. We’ll get your home or subdivision development installed with wiring that meets modern electrical codes.

New Homes

The best time to install wiring is when a new home is being built. With Sharp Electric doing your installation, you can rest assured that there will be no fire hazards, overloaded circuits, or short circuits. We follow all safety codes and help you get your home or subdivision development ready to live in.

Existing Homes

Every homeowner has a list of handyman, home repair, or home improvement projects he or she needs done for both the interior and the exterior. Sometimes that list can get quite long! The bathrooms needs updating, the kitchen needs new cabinets, the siding needs replaced, and much more. In every home improvement project, there will be electrical issues to address. That’s when you need a professional team like Sharp Electric to make sure your wiring is rearranged or installed correctly.

Regardless what stage your home is in–new construction or remodel–we know how to wire it. Today’s electrical needs are higher and more complex than they were in the past. Let us get your existing home, new home, or subdivision development up to code.

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