Solar Installers in Redding and Weaverville

Solar installers Redding

Solar Installers

Sunny California has many benefits–and one of them is solar power. Redding is the second sunniest city in the United States, with an 88 percent annual average of sunshine. This creates a perfect environment for solar power generation. Sharp Electric, with locations in Redding and Weaverville, is equipped to meet the challenge and bring the benefits of the California sun to homes, businesses, and commercial entities in the area.

Why Solar

Solar power is growing in usage and popularity every day. Homeowners, business owners, and public entities are tapping into this alternative energy source for several reasons. Sunshine is free, plentiful, and available everywhere. No one can create a monopoly on sunshine. What’s more–when solar energy is used in power generation, it reduces the draw on natural resources, such as fossil fuels, and the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

It’s also becoming more affordable, with programs for rebates and credits from federal and state governments and local utility companies. Sometimes, if solar panels generate enough extra electricity, the energy credits will completely offset utility costs. What’s not to love about lower utility bills?

Solar installers Redding CA

Why Sharp Electric, Solar Installers in Redding

Sharp Electric is a front-runner in the energy revolution. We’ve become an accredited solar power (photovoltaic) installer and added it to our already substantial list of service options. With us, you’ll have an electrical contractor as the brains behind your solar installation. That’s an added benefit, since we already understand the electrical requirements that go into installing your system. We are licensed and listed with the Better Business Bureau, with a solid history of satisfied customers.

Sharp Electric is a versatile team of professionals with many talents. Solar power is the energy of the future and we are pleased to make it available to you. When you decide to go solar, call us, and harness the power of California sunshine for your home or business.

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